Welcome to Amerrycan Productions

Amerrycan Productions is an award-winning, international stage and media creations company, based in the UK, with American spirit.

We celebrate life and creativity: both onstage with Amerrycan Theatre, and through audio drama with Stream of Life Audio Theatre.

Where does Amerrycan come from? From the offbeat, creative mind of Bryan Bounds, American actor, voiceover artist, playwright, producer and acting teacher.

This is a guy who at the age of eleven, corralled his friends and family to produce his first audio drama, The War of the Worlds, on the family cassette recorder…who at uni created a solo drama about the last thoughts in the mind of Lord Laurence Olivier…and has created a successful, radical educational program for raising student awareness of alcoholism, Afternoon with a Alcoholic.

And is still coming up with quirky, innovative creations…psst: Stream of Life.

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