My Name is Bill: An Afternoon with an Alcoholic

A critically acclaimed solo drama that shines a new light on Alcoholism. Now available for royalty-free productions.


A sellout 5-Star winner at the Edinburgh Fringe and theatres across Europe, My Name is Bill: An Afternoon with an Alcoholic introduces you to the most extraordinary loser you’ll ever meet: a bankrupt Wall Street millionaire, a sparkling wit, an egomaniac with an inferiority complex. And a raging drunk in search of redemption. He has one important decision left to make. His life and a million lost souls hang in the balance.

This moving one-man show reveals what happens on the day Bill Wilson hits rock bottom, turns down a drink and creates Alcoholics Anonymous.

“A magnificent and inspiring performance.”
***** Fringe Guru

“…the purest form of theatre I can honestly say I’ve ever seen – true story telling at its best.”
Edinburgh Fringe

Gaining 5-Star reviews and playing to sellout crowds at Guildford’s Yvonne Arnaud, the Oxford Playhouse, The Carriageworks in Leeds and the Edinburgh Fringe,My Name is Bill: An Afternoon with an Alcoholic is a gritty, funny, heartbreaking and inspiring drama for anyone who’s ever wondered what goes on in the self-destructive mind of an alcoholic. And the hope that is possible.

“Factually fascinating…an impressive play about the man who changed the way we look at coping with addiction.”
*** The Scotsman

Amerrycan_newlogo_victrola_thumbAbout the Play

Set in 1935 during the rock bottom years of America’s Great Depression, the emotionally charged play portrays the rollercoaster life of Bill Wilson who was one of the few persons in history to turn down a Nobel Peace Prize.

Bill Wilson was one of the most intelligent investment bankers of the 20th century who made a far-reaching decision in one of his darkest moments that not only saved his own life but, ultimately, that of millions of others by founding one of the biggest social movements of the 20th Century.

The one-man show portrays Bill alone and newly sober, abandoned in a hotel lobby after the collapse of a crucial business deal. His drink obsession returns and, in desperation, he invites the audience into his alcoholic mind. With black humor and crackling wit, he unreels an eerily familiar story of his quest for fame, materialism and belonging, the suspense and anguish reaching its climax with a phone call that heralded his redemption and that of struggling alcoholics across the world.

“Shockingly, we realise that the decision Bill Wilson is struggling to make in this hotel lobby will change the fate of millions of people.”
Three Weeks, Edinburgh Fringe

From its recent European tour, the play has generated glowing praise.

Amerrycan_newlogo_victrola_thumbAbout the Performer/Playwright

Bryan Bounds is a professional actor, voiceover artist, playwright, founder and producing artistic director of Amerrycan Productions. A Texan by birth with an MFA in Acting, Bryan’s career began in Houston, where he also worked for NASA as a space shuttle commentator, giving briefings to the public about current events in the space program. In New York City his work included roles on Sex and the City, Shakespeare in Central Park and other off-Broadway projects.

He relocated to Yorkshire in 1999 to follow his heart and to finally get a good cup of tea. Since then, his varied credits include Red Dwarf X, Wife Swap, and a number of Radio 4 dramas and audiobooks. He founded Amerrycan Productions in 2008 to produce American plays for British audiences, so that we can all enjoy outstanding theatrical works from America that we rarely get the chance to see. He wrote My Name is Bill: An Afternoon with an Alcoholic  as the result of a shared experience with the play’s subject and a desire to pass it on.

You can see Bryan’s complete CV here.